Perfect Love

About the Author

Lucia is a highly motivated and energetic woman with many interests and talents. Her list of titles and achievements includes mother, grandmother, wife, business woman, scientist, CEO and President of Hur Manufacturing & Contract Formulation, and Founder and CEO of Derma-Lucia Skinceuticals.

With a master’s degree in marine exploration geo science, and over thirty years of experience in the chemical industry, she has dedicated her professional career to the science of formulation in the industrial public sector, as well as in the beauty industry. Her latest venture involves creating unique quality products for anti-aging regimen skincare.

She has dedicated her personal life to the betterment and enrichment of her family, and wrote Perfect Love to cope and share the trauma that resulted from her son Bobby’s car accident. The book was first published in Korea, as Lucia had an urgent need to share what she had learned in a culture that has more difficulties with disabilities. She also learned that her family’s stumbling hurdles resonated with others regardless of cultures, race, and demographics as it has no boundaries.

She had promised herself to write her experiences in a book to share with others, which was on her bucket list priority #1 for some time. She wants to reach out and share her experiences with the world. She hopes this story can serve as a light in darkness to readers, and can inspire them to never give up.

Lucia lives and works in Austin, Texas, with her loving husband John. Her life motto is always do your best and enrich your soul!

Contact the Author

Lucia is available for interviews, features, book events, speaking engagements, and appearances. To get in touch with Lucia, contact Erin Weston at erin!at!